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Helping Entrepreneurs

Whether you're an existing business or a startup, new to the country or born here, you can partner with an organization that wants to see you succeed and achieve new levels of growth in your business. 


La Oficina specializes in providing bilingual consulting assistance to Hispanic entrepreneurs trying to establish or expand their business. We offer a variety of services specially designed for  business owners, to empower them through, one-on-one consulting, training and workshops, technical assistance, document preparation,  and having an access to a network of resources. 

La Oficina is consulting agency for business owners, underserved individuals, and community members.  La Oficina is a pioneer in supporting business owners with field-tested tools, giving  businesses transformational know-how to start, grow, and thrive resources. The strength of this collaborative secures economic-basis significance for the next generation. 




You May Be Eligible for Unemployment Insurance.

Call or visit us today to find out! 



Our mission is to foster inclusive economic growth and community prosperity. We provide comprehensive support and resources to help empower all members of society, driving sustainable development and creating a more vibrant and equitable community for all


La Oficina is a visionary hub for inclusive growth and community empowerment. We ignite transformative change by championing diversity and fostering economic prosperity. Our dynamic ecosystem cultivates innovation, collaboration, and resilience, paving the way for a brighter, more inclusive future for everyone

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Business Services

La Oficina assists with small businesses providing bilingual assistance to minority business entrepreneurs with their endeavors. Whether you are looking to launch a new business or grow an existing one, we are here to provide you with the knowledge, tools and guidance your business needs to be successful. 

The Hub - A Coworking Community  

The Internet and technology are vital resources for the world. Yet, millions of people are still without access. That's why La Oficina is so focused on developing community-based technology centers that make technology more accessible and useful for everyone. We're working to break down this digital divide by opening ‘The Hub - a coworking community’ technology centers throughout Yakima County. We're building a space for our community to create, collaborate and connect.

Loan Packaging

Working with you, the business owner, we prepare an extensive financial package needed to secure bank financing. This package is then "shopped" to multiple financial institutions to find you the best deal.

General Contracting

At La Oficina, we are passionate about creating rewarding construction experiences for our clients, our design and trade partners, and our team. With the right team, construction can be rewarding. It takes superior builder expertise, a belief in the power of working together, and an unwavering commitment to integrity. At La Oficina, this is our everyday standard; we accept nothing less.


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