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Working your way through a crisis – is difficult work to say the least. To help guide you through current and future crises, we’ve put together a wealth of resources for you.

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COVID-19 Resources:

Small Business Resources

Find out which L&I requirements apply to your business

Lowe’s-LISC Partnership Grant

Tools to Keep Your Farm Productive During COVID-19

E Tool for Face Coverings

COVID Fact Sheets

Free COVID-19 training and screening app for farms

Harvust, an app that makes the most important HR tasks on a farm like hiring, safety, and communication simple, fast, and organized, is bringing Washington farms FREE COVID-19 training materials, and tools to keep your farm productive, compliant, and healthy.

Harvust reduces work interruptions and keeps everyone socially distanced by sending COVID trainings straight to your employee's phone. See who has completed their training and get timestamped, L&I compliant, and exportable records.

Harvust has all the current L&I COVID training materials. It's optimized for farmworkers with Spanish and English translations, and automatic voice translations for those who don't read well. New materials from L&I are automatically added to your account so you never fall behind.

L&I requires daily COVID symptom screening of employees. Harvust has an integrated COVID screening tool that's easy enough for your supervisors to use. It is fast, bilingual, and will alert you if an employee fails the screening.

To learn more and get started, visit and note in the contact box your interest in the free COVID-19 app. They can get you running right away.


Planning Tools & Resources

Immigrant/Undocumented Residents

Inmigrante Residentes Indocumentados

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