It takes superior builder expertise, a belief in the power of working together, and an unwavering commitment to integrity. Amongst the many types of general construction projects we take on, we are also always helping clients create a “greener” home. 


CSC’s consultants provide a wide range of services for new and expanding businesses through one-on-one consulting. Areas of consulting include business planning, financial matters, interpretation and more. Technical assistance is offered to clients when they are ready to start the process of becoming business owner.


We strive to provide a complete one-stop shop for all of our clients.  Over the last 15 years, La Oficina has developed multiple ways to help individuals, community members, business owners, and homeowners to strive economic development in our community.  We work one-on-one with each of our clients and will often travel to meet clients in their home communities. Below are more details about our Real Estate services.

Washington State   |  Yakima County 




La Oficina's repeat clients have come to rely on us for insight and consultation beyond that generally provided by a general contractor. ​

Project Management


Project Management is the discplkineof working as the client';s representatibe in planning, organiaing, and managing, resources and procedures. This effort achieves the succesful completion of project goals and objectives on on behalf of the owner. 



La Oficina provides significant cost and time savings for owners over by offering designing for your dream project. During the design-Build state the consultant, design, and construction team sit together to go over ideas, and planning stage. 

General Contracting


At La Oficina, you can expect to work with expert builders, including those who plan your project, those who manage your project, and the craftspeople who build your project. We pride ourselves in the versatility of our team members; most of our team members have worked in multiple construction roles throughout their careers and on a variety of project types. This results in a highly-skilled workforce that is thoroughly equipped to problem solve on behalf of our clients. 


At La Oficina, our construction teams maintain a strong understanding and respect for the design process, coupled with a passion for motivating all parties to work together towards common goals. In our experience, a team-building atmosphere amongst all parties results in better innovation, excellent results, and more rewarding project experiences. Amongst the many types of general construction projects we take on, we are also always helping clients create a “greener” home. 

La Oficina has also developed a great reputation for working together with end users and with those on the campuses on which we build. This is paramount for the success of our projects, especially for occupied remodel and expansion projects. 

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