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Kayla, Casa Wholesale

"Call La Oficina, they’ll help you. If it weren’t for Bertha Alicia, I would not have a business. They helped me to understand that it was not as hard to go through the paperwork and process. I didn't realize that you didn't need an attorney for half the things required to start a business." 

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Mr. R Wren

"Alicia Garza has helped so many small own businesses especially minority owned get started and have such good information to help them grow. Her business is ran with class and grace. Please do not hesitate to use this great resource." 



"This office is full of great Latina business owners who are looking to help Latina women succeed in the business industry. I recommend 100% to anyone looking for any questions about business or anything else." - Mercedes



"This is a place of blessing." - Kenny Mattson 


"Very good services." -

Erica Vela 


"It's Great!" - Tino Alonso 

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