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Now Is the Time to Get Protected from COVID-19!

Community health workers, home care aides, doulas, midwives, health care interpreters, and other health care workers are currently eligible for the COVID-19 vaccine.

Almost 200,000 health care providers in Washington have received the COVID-19 vaccine in less than a month. That’s amazing! However, that’s not enough to protect us all and to protect our patients. At least 150,000 still have yet to receive this life-saving protection. Your priority status for getting the COVID-19 vaccine ends soon. There are only days left until we move into the next phase of distribution.

If you haven’t yet gotten your COVID-19 vaccine, please sign up for an appointment and get vaccinated right away. Millions of people in Washington are anxiously awaiting their turn in line for the vaccine, and that means we need to step up. The state prioritized us to receive the vaccine first because of the risk we endure every day and the critical role we play in keeping this state healthy. Let’s honor that and fill out phase 1a as soon as we can.

Go to to find out the closest place to get vaccinated.

If you have any questions about the vaccine, please check out

Thank you for all you’ve done fighting this pandemic with us every day, and thank you in advance for taking this important action as well.

Should your provider refuse to vaccinate you in this priority after presenting proof that you are a community health worker covered under 1a, please use the following email to file a complaint,, please share what happened and provide a way of contacting you to support troubleshooting, your email can be in your native language, DOH will translate and respond appropriately.

The following is one way to prove on the spot that you are eligible for the COVID-19 vaccination as a Community Health Worker:

Use the PhaseFinder online form (English/Spanish, more languages will be available by mid-Feb). Someone else can also fill it out on their behalf.

Once they start, they’ll enter their zip code. The next question after that is “Are you a worker in a health care setting.” They should click YES to that question as we recognize that there are many different settings where health care happens. This is about exposure risk, not environment.

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